Thursday, August 2, 2007

my problem with blogging and XOR

Blogging is not easy for a man like me. i can never think of anything interesting to write about.

well, that's not exactly true, i can think of some interesting things to write about but i cant write about them. and i can only write about uninteresting things. its a hellish circle of evil. So at least in this case, i decided well if you cant think of anything why not go meta! everyone likes meta!

wait a second, that's only true if either
A: everyone now means no-one


B: likes now means hates.

god i am such a douche. but moving on. going more into the realm of meta I'm going to analyze my use of that XOR over there. why does English not have 2 separate words for the inclusive and exclusive or? the closest we get is the XOR which, lets face facts, is just sort of dumb sounding. Logicians really dropped the ball when they came up with that one. i mean sure its fine if you are just trying to draw a circuit, but for conversation, it just doesn't slip off the tongue. and its not like i can say "lets do this or that but not both" in just regular conversation.

anyway back to the original meta. fuck blogging. that is all

see you later alligator.

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