Saturday, January 24, 2009

A bit of a change of pace...

Well its been a while, a while since you, oh non-existent reader and i sat down here on this masturbatory exercise of a blog and had a catch up and the obligatory change of pace.

So, to start, lets get caught up. I am enjoying myself in Oakland, have a nice new apartment and a job that while is not great affords me time to think, Time to study, Time to relax. In that time i have started working on getting my math up to par, to this end I have begun some slight work on the Project Euler problems. to accomplish this I have begun to learn the programming language SCHEME. I have started this by working my way though MIT's "Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs".To that end i will be posting here my solutions to both the exercises of that book and the Project Euler problems.

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