Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Crypto-Human Interest.

So I wanted to share a fun story with Two Centuries On, a Cryptologist Cracks a Presidential Code

However, I think this article really misses a opportunity to explain the importance and nature of cryptography and misses some very important points of how cryptography matters to our daily life as opposed to being just the playthings of presidents and friends as a exercise for the mind.

the very nature of our modern lives is build on a foundation of cryptography. all modern financial systems rely on the strength of modern cryptography. and modern cryptography is very goddamn strong. and quantum cryptography is unbreakable.

The code-breaking effort the allies unleashed in WWII is one of the greatest stories of ingenuity, hard work and very possibly more than any other factor, defeated the axis powers.

All online purchases rely on the modern public-key system for encryption, one that cannot be attacked like we would attack enigma, we know how the system works, without the key to find what you needed to decrypt the message would take all of the computers on earth working non-stop for thousands of years. I think to sell cryptography short is to fail in your responsibility to educate the public, and the fact that they spent time talking about simple substitution cyphers but don't mention the massive impact crypto plays in our day to day life is intellectually disingenuous.

None-the-less, by the current standard of media and what sort of job we can expect the 4th estate to do on our behalf(a terrible one) it is a fun article, that you should read.

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