Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Biotech on the Rise.

Articles like this make me glad to be alive in our times

ScienceDaily (2009-09-07) -- If artificial devices could be combined with biological machines, laptops and other electronic devices could get a boost in operating efficiency. Researchers have now devised a versatile hybrid platform that uses lipid-coated nanowires to build prototype bionanoelectronic devices.

I've been dreaming of the day when biotech gets started ever since a fairly obscure white wolf role-playing game Trinity (or, if you really played it, Aeon) The coolest bit of trinity, in my opinion, wasn't the weird psionic powers, or the futuristic setting (although I liked both of those) but it was the cool biotech toys you got to play with. all the other kids can enjoy their vorpal swords, I'll take a crazy slug that attaches to my arm and fires mini-nukes. I just cant wait.
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biotech for future!