Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fuck You Evangelicals, You Cant Take My Country.

Bruce Wilson at the Huffington Post  Reports on one of Former Alsaka Governor and Vice Presidental Candidate and total fucking lunatic Sarah Palin's Religous adviser, Rick Joyner is actively trying to undermine the principles that the uninted states was founded on and setting up a goddamn religous totalitarian state.

Im not even fucking kidding. this is the movement of the so called "third wave" christians who  believe the end times are apporaching and that they need to take back the world for "their Dread Champion, Jesus Christ"  This is just fucking proof of what i have been saying all along. the idea of subordinating reason to faith, to deny science, and reality, and the crazy hatred spread among these people has caused  the Evangelical movement to threaten the very fibers of our modern way of life. We cannot sit idely by whiole these lunatics prepare to recalim the world,

They are preparing to send us to displacement camps. And thats it, the battle lines are drawn. I do not understand how people can see this and not immideatly turn to athiesm, This is the endpoint of blind faith. this is why i am an radical athiest, because the true threat to my way of life comes from the people who are convinced that god has sent them on a misson to destroy the Uninted States of America.

Hienlien wrote a short story, Revolt in 2100, that is about a counter revolution to a religous fundamentalist state that had cropped up in the USA, much later, when collecting his short stoies in his timeline (the day after tomorrow) he mentioned two stories that he never wrote, one of them, was about the rise of the religous fundamentalism and he said he was never able to write it as it was too depressing, but that in the rise of TV preachers he saw it coming. and it seems, he may have been right all along,

But now, we are aware, and we see it coming, it is our mission as americans to stop these religious nutjobs from seizing the country that came up with the declaration of independence and the bill of rights.

Im tired of the right wing always taking the mantle of patriotism, it is clear now that they have been pandering to treasonous liars who are out to destroy the secular way of life. I wont have it. This is the country of Jefferson, Franklin, Adams, Washington,  would they have sat idly by while a group of religious fanatics attempt to tear down all they had worked so hard to make free? I think not.

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